West Hills Middle School's Math Website

3rd Quarter Assignments

Week 1 (1/23-27/2012)

Functional or Dysfunctional Packet: Linear and Exponential Functions in Context

Solving Equations Review:

Writing Functions from Stories: Sequences

4.2B Recursive & Explicit Worksheet: PRACTICE 1

Week 2 (1/30-2/3/2012)

What comes next, What comes later? Assignment

Arithmetic & Geometric Stories: Aritmetic and Geometric Stories

Get Rich Quick: Get Rich Quick

Sequences Review:Sequences Walk Away Review

Walk Away: Sequences

Week 3 (2/6-10/2012)

Combine Like Terms

Add/Subtract Polynomials

Multiply Monomial by Polynomial

Function Operations: PRACTICE 1

Week 4 (2/13-17/2012)

Function Compositions: Function Composition PRACTICE with numbers

Translations of Linear Functions:Transformations notes and transformations+assignment

Benchmark Review: CCSS Benchmark 2 Review

Benchmark U2B

Week 5 (2/20-24/2012)

Geometry Basics Packet: (don’t worry about the dates)

Week 6 (2/27-3/2/2012)

Walk Away Review: Geometry Basics

Week 7 (3/5-9/2012)

Constructions:   Geometry Construction Lesson Guide

  • Copy & Bisect a line segment.
  • Copy & Bisect an angle.
  • Construct parallel & perpendicular lines.


Walk Away on Constructions


Week 8 (3/12-16/2012)


  • Translations
  • Rotations
  • Reflections


Composition of Transformations

Walk Away Review

Walk Away on Transformations

Congruence of Transformations Algebraically

Week 9 (3/19-23/2012)


  • Construct and Bisect a line segment
  • Construct and Bisect an angle
  • Construct Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

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